If you need extended rehabilitation or restorative care you may want to talk to a naturopathic doctor in Sacramento to create a program that works to heal your whole body, not just get rid of a symptom. Face it, whenever we suffer from any one point of pain or illness it affects everything about our bodies and lives. It only makes sense to use rehabilitation goals that are broader than just the current symptom.

Defining the goals for the whole person, not the symptom
When a person becomes ill it is easy to make the mistake to view the symptom as an isolated portion of a machine that has stopped working. A car makes a good analogy here. If the car is tilting to one side and having difficulty steering it indicates that there is something wrong with several parts that effect one system. If you need an alignment and a new shock on your left front passenger side it won’t affect how well your radio or windshield wipers work. That is how a regular doctor sees a patient, with isolated systems. A naturopath knows that if you have knee pain and are limping, that could though off how well you think, sleep, eat and do just about everything else because human systems are interdependent. That’s why the rehabilitation goals of a naturopathic doctor are more geared towards the whole person and not just recovery from a specific symptom or problem.

Decreasing pharmaceutical dependence, but not eliminating it
One common misconception that many a naturopathic doctor in Sacramento hears is that people want to come to them because they don’t trust “Big Pharma.” A naturopathic medical doctor understands and respects the capacity of medicine to heal, but is also cautious and respectful of the person in making pharmaceuticals the first line of treatment as they can cause more harm than good. Back to the idea of the naturopathic medical doctor in Sacramento who sees the whole person as a balance of systems in which a symptom has appeared to upset the whole balance – versus a regular doctor who focuses on the system only, and you will see why modern medicine is very much included in naturopathic treatment, must not as the first choice in every instance.

Using recovery to construct prevention habits
One of the best advantages of having a naturopathic doctor in Sacramento oversee your rehabilitation or restoration is that in the process of healing they can help you to build habits that will prevent future problems. At the core of naturopathic practice is the idea that the whole person’s health is based upon the balanced health of all of their symptoms. While you are recovering from your illness, injury or procedure you are more likely to identify areas that can also be improved when working with a naturopathic doctor who is seeing all of youFree Reprint Articles, not just the part that hurts in the moment. Talk to any naturopathic doctor in Sacramento about how you can transform your rehabilitation into a restorative period for your whole life.

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