The Cure For Cardio Vascular Disease, Can It Be That simple?

A while ago I was reading some articles about the effect of lifestyle changes on Cardio Vascular Disease CVD. By coincidence I came across the work of Dr. Rath, a German scientist with a mind blowing perspective on CVD.

Dr. Rath found evidence that CVD is related to scurvy!

Can it be that simple? The number disease in the world is just a lack of essential nutrients?


Scurvy… That’s something I know from the old pirate stories. When the sailors didn’t have enough fresh food their bodies got depleted at certain vitamins and minerals and got very sick.

I always thought that was a disease of the past in the Western societies, maybe some students that are on a beer diet come close. But Dr. Rath makes a clear statement… a lot of people in this world suffer from a form of scurvy.

Let’s take a step back and take a look at the findings of Dr. Rath.

In , Dr. Rath found evidence for the connection between vitamin C deficiency and a new risk factor for heart disease named — lipoproteina. A lot of studies have identified lipoproteina as a risk factor for atherosclerotic diseases like heart attacks and strokes. When Dr. Rath published his findings in he was invited by two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling to join his research institute.

Linus Pauling is the first person that won two independent Nobel prizes. Together with Dr. Rath they tried to find the root causes of CVD at the Linus Pauling Institute in Palo Alto, California.

“You don’t have to be a university professor or Nobel Laureate; what counts is that heart attacks, strokes, cancer and many other diseases will essentially be unknown in the future.” — Dr. Rath

They did some very interesting findings in those years. They were very innovative in their research approach. Instead of focusing on the symptoms they wanted to understand the problem. They searched for the root cause of the CVD by asking:

How does the plaque form in artery walls?

They did found something really interesting. Several experiments showed the underlying problem:

Instability of the vascular wall triggers the development of atherosclerotic deposits.

The next question was: What causes instability of the vascular wall?

Linus Pauling was known for investigating the effect of natural nutrients in health and disease. They applied this knowledge as an investigating angle on this question. It was with success… the results showed that a lack of essential vitamins and nutrients of millions of cells in the vascular wall cause the instability.

This is how Dr. Rath discovered the close connection between CVD and scurvy. Because in both diseases there is an instability of the blood vessel wall due to impaired supply of essential nutrients to the vascular wall.

This discovery was done in and was received with a lot of resistance in the scientific world. Because a couple of years before this finding other studies came out that linked atherosclerotic plaques to high cholesterol. Pharmaceutical companies already jumped on the high-cholesterol-causes-CVD-train. They invested a lot of money in developing drugs that lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Dr Rath and Dr. Pauling had a hard time finding a platform where they could share their findings. It was years later, in , that Dr. Rath was invited to speak at Stanford Medical School about the simple possibility to eradicate heart disease with vitamins.

“ Fighting for a medical breakthrough against existing interests and dogmas is like sailing on the ocean, the wind that blows in your face becomes your compass. ” — Dr. Rath

There are a couple of things that I find so fascinating about this story. It raises so many questions in my scientific heart. They are not only about the findings of Dr. Rath and Dr. Pauling but also about the “scientific system”.

How can this be happening… how can the scientific community decide to follow the “cholesterol trail” and ignore the “vitamin trail”. Why do we have to pick one? Isn’t it possible that more trails can lead to great insights and discoveries?

How can we call our society a Modern society if a lot of us die indirectly due to malnutrition, a lack of sufficient vitamins and minerals?

This knowledge is available to everybody how can it be that we do not act upon it in the most simple ways possible. By promoting to eat…. Veggies, every single day!

There are some obvious reasons why this can happen. It has something to do with industry, establishment, and organization. But the thing I cannot get my head around is… why do we follow?

Time and time again we can prove that our health is mainly a result of lifestyle — food, movement, sitting, socializing, connecting, purpose — but is it still not enough?

What do we need more to finally feel empowered and take our health into our own hands and start working on a healthy lifestyle!

I don’t need more proof! I just want to take the knowledge into my world and start experimenting on what a healthy lifestyle means to me.

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