I started out with checking the promise of making a decent income from filling out surveys.
This is what I found. I reside in Canada and I found that a lot of the sites advertised, were not available to me as they required US, or other, resident status.

From my research, it takes approximately 300 prescreened survey company sign-ups to reach anywhere close to a full time wage (say $2500 to $5000 per month Cdn$)

I went as far as signing up with the top rated http://www.surveyscout.com and for a relatively small fee, I got access to their data base. I found about 100 sites that were open to Canadians (out of about 450). However most of the survey companies were offering prizes or draws with few actually paying hard cash. Some were offering a point system with redeemable pay-outs in coupons or product discounts and/or free products.

While it is nice to receive products for free I felt I worked for them and really it was the payment for the work I did. The prize draws are nice but if I really want to gamble with my time I probably would have a better time going to Vegas. Even though odds are much better in Survey Prizes.

I managed to sign up with about 100 companies through the Survey Scout and I am receiving about 3 to 6 requests to complete surveys every day within a couple of weeks of the initial sign-up. That is not bad for a response but a long ways off from my goal to earn a living at this.

While I was pleased with the general responses and the amount of e-mail I received, I quickly learned that it is going to take a long term, sustained effort to reach my goal.

During this process of registering with the survey companies I came across some information that got my attention. There is a marketing group out there that seams to come up over and over. This company had created a way to work the internet to a level that seemed to outdo most. The SFI marketing group has come up with a system to create internet traffic surrounding niche marketing that has proven to be very successful.

People that sign up under this program are guided through a step by step process that proves the motto: “Do as I do and you will get what I got”. Sounds corny but upon further investigation I had to conclude that these people know what they are talking about.

Nothing comes for free or without effort……..and I am OK with that. I don’t mind taking chances if they don’t involve my entire life savings (which are not too large anyways). As it turns out I got started with a friend who is much more ate ease with a computer and as you may guess…..it is turning out to be the best decision I have ever made.

At this point we are in the middle of building an awesome site and money is already starting to roll in. The hits on the site are increasing every day and at this rate we will be gathering a nice income with huge potential down the road.

Yes I am still at itFree Reprint Articles, as far as the surveys go. But I already know that the SFI model is going to be our ticket to a financially secure future.
Maybe you should check is out yourself and guess what ……….maybe you want to take the same chance as I did and sign up as well. I know you won’t be disappointed.

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