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The History of Alternative Medicine

They would consider not only the physical state, but the emotional and intellectual state as well. This form of medicine concerned itself not only with the physical problem, but with the problems of the “whole” self. This is what makes this form of medicine so much different from today. The medicine that we use today…

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Take the Holistic Approach and See Your Health Condition Improve as Needed

There are many different conditions that can be diagnosed at the hospital, but the treatments involve invasive procedures, a lot of medication or a vague approach that has no predictable success rate. The use of alternative medicine for conditions that vary from hormone imbalance to diabetes and heart disease or natural sports performance optimization can…

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Holistic Colleges Today

Holistic colleges offering naturopathic training involve in-depth studies in plant medicine, homeopathy, material medica, hydrotherapy, naturopathic philosophy, Oriental medicine theories, and other natural health sciences.  Degree programs at holistic colleges, such as a master in herbal medicine and acupuncture entail comprehensive coursework in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, needling techniques, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) concepts and…

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