How To Get Essential Oils Wholesale For The Best Value


Did You Know?
doTERRA does monthly and quarterly specials for free oils? Every month you can get a free oil for any order of 125 point value. On top of that, you also can get a free oil or free oils with any 200 point value order placed in March, June, September, or December (15 mL Frankincense)! How sweet is that?

Wholesale Customer 101
1.) $35 Membership: You can get started with a Introductory packet and individual oils or consumer products (e.g. toothpaste) if you’re looking for a more customized approach, but don’t want to save the most money. This is only a 1 time fee and the 2nd year is $25 but you get a free 15 mL Peppermint oil (valued at $20.50 wholesale)

2.) Essential Oil Kit: This is great because it waives the $35 membership fee and gets you started with a wellness package that helps you be prepared for life’s little emergencies when they randomly pop up and try to smack your health around.

3.) How To Think About It: This is what 85% of wholesale members do in doTERRA, which is perfectly fine. This is just like a online oil version of a CostCo or Sams Club membership where you save money and help improve your health at the same time.

Wellness Advocate 101
1.) $35 Membership: This is the most customizable way to start with oils because you get to choose what you want. You don’t save the most money, but you do get to choose exactly which oils will best your support your health priorities.

2.) Essential Oil Kit: This is the smartest way to get started with a wholesale account because you’ll have liquid empowerment in a box and can address your health priorities in a way where you don’t feel like you have to rush to a health practitioner whenever something happens to you.

3.) How To Think About It: This is what 15% of wholesale members do and is a great way to earn your oils for free, earn part time income, or earn full time income by sharing oils with others and becoming a product of the product.

In Summary:
Getting your essential oils wholesale is the same as getting your essential oils at a discount. This discount can start off at 25% and grow to 55% off retail after a year of LRP orders of 50 points or more. Even if you don’t work with me, make sure you choose someone that you know, like, trust, and will provide you with excellent customer service.



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