legal history or the history of law is the study of how law started,
evolved and the reasons for the various changes in the law. Moreover,
the law as a system of guidelines and rules that are carried out by
institutions or people has been connected to the development of
civilisations. Therefore, the history of
law has become a common topic used by a university or college student
in writing his academic law essay. But the popularity of legal
history as a topic for various higher education students performing
law essay writing tasks would mean that it has become harder for some
students in obtaining ideas or themes for that particular topic.

the student performing a law essay writing task should not
necessarily have a difficult time in getting ideas or themes for his
legal history topics because the easiest and most effective way to
obtain those themes or ideas would be using the basic topical outline
for the history of law or legal history as the basis for getting the
ideas or themes. Using the basic topical outline of the history of
law as the source of ideas for the law essay about the topic of legal
history is an effective way because the outline is arranged according
to several categories or sections that are further broken down into
fields and sub-fields so that the student could narrow down the
specific choice of the idea or theme of the legal history topic of
his essay.

topical outline of the legal history is arranged according to the
laws of the ancient world in Western Asia, Southern Asia and East
Asia; the laws in ancient Europe especially the Roman Empire; the
laws in Europe during the Middle Ages; the laws in modern Europe; and
the laws in the United States and Canada. For example, the history of
Babylonian law during the reign of King Hammurabi is a good theme for
the law essay on legal history.

history of law as a topic for law essay writing tasks are also
related to and applicable to be used for other essay subject areas
that involve history such as a social history essay that would be
researched and written by the student who is also writing or has
already written a legal essay. The student’s social history essay
writing task could use the history of law as his topic and the
sources of ideas or themes for the history of law topic could also be
the same source where he could get the ideas for his own social
history essay writing task. If the student uses this method of
getting themes or ideas for his own history essayHealth Fitness Articles, then he would have
less difficulty in researching and writing his own social history

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