Essential oils are extracted from various herbs & plants and their parts like stem, flowers, roots, bark, seeds and many more. From ancient time to till now, these are broadly used for serving various purposes of the mankind and other species. These oils play an important role for curing various disorders which are dangerous for our health.


Valerian, botanically known as Valeriana officinalis which comes from Valerianaceae family is a perennial flowering plant. This plant has sweet scented white or pink flowers which bloom in the season of summer. By utilizing the process of steam distillation, the Valerian root oil is extracted.

In the sixteenth century, the extract of the flower of Valerian plants was used as a perfume. At the time of ancient Rome & Greece, Valerian was popular as a highly acclaimed medicinal herb. Valerian is also an effective herb with high medicinal values and it has carminative, antispasmodic, and stimulating properties.

Owing to the sedative property of the Valerian root oil, it is highly effective for the treatment of insomnia. For curing the sleep disorders this oil is a highly acclaimed alternative to prescription drugs because it is a safe and effects gently on the human body. For the different psycho-spiritual and depression problems the oil is used because it is a good promoter of calming effect on anxiety. The unique aroma is trusted as a good fighter of anxiety, seizures, neuralgia, stresses caused by emotion, mental strain, restlessness, trauma and tension. It is also renown that the sleeping difficulties and anxiety caused by premenstrual concerns is easily treated by it.

Heart diseases are the major issue of health in modern time, but we can overcome on it by utilizing the Arachis oil in our regular diet because Arachis oil contains monounsaturated fatty acid, such as Oleic acid, that helps in increasing ‘good cholesterol’, renown as HDLArticle Submission, in our blood.


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