According to human trials, essential oils in massage for 20 minutes after the detection of venous blood, which have been found to contain essential oils.In the lavender essential oils, the incense alcohol linalool acetate two components accounted for 88%, while alcohol and alcohol, as excessive use may cause liver damage, leading to decreased liver function, sympathetic over-suppressed by paralysis, the performance of man motionless , blood pressure and other symptoms. In addition, Plant extracts as essential oils, it can not be directly applied to the skin, it must be cold after the basis for the composition of various vegetable oil dilution, otherwise you will burn the skin.In order to prevent excessive use of oil, regular oil products, the bottle will be stated on the packaging used shall not exceed 3 to 5 drops, if the oil is Essential Oils, which will be designed to drop the bottle mouth, rather than broad mouth, so it is difficult to be used as a drop of 50 drops. Only with safe and appropriate packaging and instructions, is the real essential oils.As the toxic oil, so the effect of publicity on essential oils, beauty salon should be within the capacity of their operation, do not know how to properly operate, test should be the absolute prohibition of the guests. In general, Glutathione the best by a professionally trained beautician and massage for deployment. In addition, the aromatic oils in the formula used personal attention, experienced aromatherapist will vary in harmony with several essential oils, invariably use the same formula is irresponsible. Because of physical differences, individuals will have a toxic reaction, so the same formula, a course of not more than 6 times.The use of essential oils must be strictly controlled. When used for facial care, essential oils used shall not exceed 1% of the amount of base oil, used for body care, women can not exceed 3%, not more than 5% of men, children can not exceed 2%, Resveratrol while the specific amount of fat or thin according to individual needs, age, height, signs and other strictly controlled. The use in the home, a bath should not exceed 8 drops of essential oil in water, a basin can not exceed 3 drops of water. If you do not strictly regulate the use of operating, according to the different composition and effectiveness of the safety match, they will be in the process of using essential oils on the skin and body formation damage.Some essential oils, may also occur in different amount of two different effects. When you take a hot water bath, the drops 5 drops of lavender essential oil, can do to sleep at bedtime bath, but accidentally drops more than 15 drops, it becomes a stimulant, so you can not even think about sleeping all night. Geranium essential oils used in the hot-tempered mood, a quiet calming effect, but with more, give you the emotional “fuel.” Similarly there are peppermint oil, peppermint essential oil in summer baths can speed up perspiration, cool skin, but winter use, it allows the skin to the surface of the pores, warm-up exercise.Overall, less common essential oils such as ylang essential oils should be used with caution, due to the strength of the toxic oil, vegetable oils have the same kinds of stress, such as clary sage is more common than the sage, thyme than sweet thyme security, and a sedative anti-inflammatory effect of foreign citrus essential oils, although the German foreign citrus blue better, but also improper use of excessive inhibition of the nervous system, but rather the Roman foreign citrus safer. The sensitivity of the skin, pruritus should be used with caution in patients with grapefruit, ylang essential oils.

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