Dr. Kristi Hughes: What Makes Functional Medicine Unique?

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Dr. Kristie Hughes talks about Functional Medicine and what makes it so unique!
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So James I do have to say I never thought I would be so excited to be able to say live from the swamp. Let’s get into the bowels.

So healthcare I’ve had the opportunity straight out of naturopathic Medical School over 20 years ago I’ve had the privilege and opportunity to have found functional medicine very early on in my medical training. So I grew up inside of the paradigm of a naturopathic base and the functional medicine applications.

So what is so unique about functional medicine.
What is it that brings functional medicine doctors together?
It’s a uniting theme and so what we are finding on an international and globalplatform.

We are finding that practitioners are tired of the process
and the problems that result from looking at the various different conditions that their patients are presenting with and giving them medications to just manage that symptom profile .

We are seeing an uprising and internationally a demand from health care providers who are asking for training and more knowledge and experience in root-cause medicine.

So when you look at these different paradigms naturopathic medicine,lifestyle medicine, integrative healthcare or functional medicine.

The unifying component of all of those different subtypes of this natural healthcare is getting to the root causes.

So in functional medicine you’re going to find that one of the most important themes that weaves its way through all
these various different treatment platforms for the different types of chronic disease it is the gut.

It’s acknowledging and recognizing the importance as Dr. Tom O’Bryan set the stage for our conversation today from
autoimmune disease to rash patterns, skin disorders,dealing with a GI disruption dealing with issues impacting joints and arthralgias.

We certainly see that we une in to the digestive system and we
then therefore take a very specific and ppropriate course of care that’s going to manage those root causes.

So if you’reseeing a functional medicine provider you are most likely going to be given a “5R” protocol.

Those of you who are trained as practitioners in functional
medicine you’re going to utilize this approach and what is so unique about this language?

Is that “5R” becomes a scaffolding.
It becomes a way to hang a very systematic but yet personalized approach to helping someone identify their underlying causes of
chronic inflammation or metabolic disturbances or immune compromisation that can be stemming from the gut.

So in an approach that a practitioner would be taking or those of you who are with us the do functional medicine.

You’re familiar with the “5R” and
this is a very important thing that we’re teaching and empowering our patients to acknowledge along the way.

So the scaffolding of the”5R” what practitioners are then looking very carefully at and identifying are what are certain thing is that their patients may be exposed to that they need to remove from the diet their lifestyle or their environment. So the first of those “5R” is going to be coming back to remove.

You got to get those factors taken away get them out of the system.

Second, we want to look at the important aspects of normal GI physiologic function and what do we need to do to
replace some of those components that may be lost or depleted due to their diet their lifestyle or their stress.

All right because we’re talking about gut we’re going back to the stress modification response patterns and I
don’t do any of you have stress?

And it is pervasive in my patients that come in
the door who are dealing with GI complications it is a unifying theme and how many people will find that when they get stressed out they?

They need to run to the bathroom orthey need to stay and hold back and be careful where they go and navigate their course and how many people do we know – practitioners presenting patients come in and say all right I actually have to gauge my day
around where the nearest bathroom is.
All right these can be debilitating challenging aspects we know that stress and the gut are intimately connected.
So we want to look very carefully at what needs to be replaced?
What are those important aspects that we can put back in to improve healthy digestive function?
Then next we want tolook at all those important biotic patterns that can be present inside of the gut so when we look at the
microbiome we’ve got good bugs and bad bugs and we have various different balance that is important.
Again so many of us heard over the years that technically we are humans living on top of the trillions of gut bugs that live in our system.
Right? We’re borrowing them right?

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  1. julielavone on April 19, 2019 at 6:41 pm

    I have been to this Dr. in Minnesota. She is excellent.

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