My story started approximately 10 years ago. I was having some major discomfort in my lower back , so i decided to go to the Doctor. What I found out was that I had Peripheral artery disease. Which is a blockage of the peripheral arteries serving the legs, stomach, arms and head. Mine were iliac artery in my left leg and the Lesser Femoral artery in the right leg . I was told that they were 75% blocked and that I needed to have stents put in . There are two types of stents. Stents that are covered with drugs that help keep the blood vessel from reclosing are called drug-eluting stents. Stents not coated with drugs are called bare metal stents. A stent is a tiny wire mesh tube. It props open an artery and is left there permanently. I was told that stent they would be using on me would have this Drug, the drug was chemo which kills cells, this treatment would be good for some older age people as the chemo would eventually destroy the artery and would require a bypass. I was 47 years old at this time. The doctor told me that they would calling me once they had everything set for the surgery. During this time I started to research my condition. I found a noble prize winner that had found something that would clear up blockage up to 50% , inhibit blood plalets from becoming sticky and lower cholesterol by 20-30 percent . I started the therapy suggested by the nobel prize winning Doctor Louis J. Ignarro I have to admit that I did not follow exactly as the therapy called for , not only did you need to take this supplement but you would need to be active and the job that I had was very sedentary and by the time I was done with work I was tired not to mention this condition also makes you very tired . I did not have the energy to do some walking to help the therapy work better.
Three months past before I got a call for the stent surgery. I asked to be tested again . When I went in for the results, the doctor had stated that he did know what I did but I did not have the same blockage and he would ask me to come back in 2 years. Its been 10 years, I am not completely cured but it has not got worse but it has not corrected the issue . I am still only able to walk a mile at which time my legs would cramp up. I have not taken this supplement for over year on a regular regime . The Doctor name is Louis J. Ignarro. He and two others were given the Nobel Prize for nitric Oxide, which is made from L=Arginine. Guys this also help in the bedroom if you know what mean. L-Arginine , helps in the creation of nitric oxide which in turn helps cardio issues, as like the blockage of the arteries . as it help produce nitric oxide.
On this website you will be able to acquire L-Arginine, there various forms , they even have powered L-arginine and pill form . You can purchase from Purity Products . I would suggest getting the highest dosage available . There is not a toxicity level for L- Arginine ,I have taken up 24 grams , start off with at least 18 grams. Of course consult with a Doctor first before starting this , everyone is different More to come on cardiovascular health , hint another Nobel Prize winner , as a matter of fact , this gentleman Won the Nobel Prize for Biochemistry and this was his achievement , the Nobel Prize was not share as with Dr Louis J. Ignarro

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