One of the procedures I teach my customers regarding how to be a little healthier all the time is to use essential oils on your daily life. Essential oils are very beneficial. They’re antibacterial, antifungal, and there are numerous additional good sides.

At present, I’d want to show you how to create your personal homemade mouthwash making use of essential oils, hydrogen peroxide plus water.

Instructions are below , or Watch the Video!


• 1 part water
• 1 part Hydrogen peroxide 3% (you can get it from the store or bid over the internet)
• doTerra Melaleuca essential oil which is tea tree oil
• doTerra Peppermint essential oil
• Unfilled mouthwash bottle

What to do:

1. Add up the water and hydrogen peroxide to the empty container.

2. Put in drops of Melaleuca and Peppermint essential oil. Some where from 2- 4 drops of each essential oil is good for each cup of liquid (partly a cup of water, partly a cup of hydrogen peroxide). Modify to your personal flavor.

3. Place the lid back on your bottle and mix it up!

It is that effortless! You instantly have your healthy homemade mouthwash!

It is good for you, genuine and very good to you!

As a result I anticipate this has displayed you a simple solution to get a little bit healthier and to utilize essential oils on everyday life.

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The essential oil that I use is called doTerra. It’s my essential oil line of choice and what I offer to my clients. It’s all pure and natural! Check it out: www.GinaforDoTerra.com

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